Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Destination: Napa Valley

What a beautiful weekend we had! Visited the family, hung out with friends and spent nothing but great times! Growing up in the Bay area, I lived so close to Napa Valley, but one BIG draw back - I was never old enough to enjoy what Napa's known for - Vino! So we spent the entire day in this beautiful town and got to see a little of what it offers. Our first stop at 10am: get some bubbly at Domaine Chandon.
This wall ROCKED!
Up next: Good grub at Taylor's Automatic Refresher. This place is legendary and famous for their hamburgers! And boy were they right... our meal was delicious!
On to more tastings... Robert Mondavi. Here we planned on taking a tour of the vineyards, but being the tour was going to take 75 minutes, we decided to taste more. Good choice on our end!
Along the side of the parking lot, you can see up close the different grapes.
My favorite wine is Menage a Trois so there was no doubt we had to visit their winery. For $5.00 we got 5 different tastings. We also sampled some of their garlic and parsley bread dip.
Our final stop for the afternoon: Bouchon Bakery. Their MACAROONS are incredible and they were so yummy! Look at how cute their delivery service is!

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