Friday, January 15, 2010

Q&A: Gift Registries

With so many gift registry options, figuring out which one is best for you as a couple can be overwhelming. There are TONS of department store registries ranging from the reasonably priced to the more extravagant boutiques. A registry becoming more popular are honeymoon and even... a mortgage registry? WoooW! With all this, what is the best way to inform your guests? Hopefully these can answer some of your questions.

Q: Can I put my gift registries on my invitation?

A: NO! A major NO! You're not suppose to put any type of registry information on your invitation because it's tacky. You can put these details on your wedding website, if you have one or on bridal shower invitations. You can also ask your family and bridal party to inform everyone.

Q: We don't want presents, but would prefer monetary gifts?

A: Again, this is considered rude to ask for money in any way, shape or form. You can ask your family and close friends to "spread the word", but never put it out there formally. Think about it... how would you feel if someone asked you for money if you were attending a wedding as a guest? Kinda uncomfortable and just weird.

If your guests ask, you can tell them you prefer cash, but inform your parents, immediate family and close friends so they can tell guests for you. There will still be some guests who prefer to give gifts so create a registry with a few items so you can give them options. If you want to read more tips on asking for cash gifts, click here.

Regardless on what you want, always remember that it is a gift and it it something that someone gives to you. Be thankful and appreciative because they don't have to give you anything!

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