Monday, February 1, 2010

My 100th Post

Yayyy!!! I'm on my 100th post. After starting this blog in August of 2008, who knew I would get to this milestone. (It definitely took me a while to get here ;) I obviously don't post on a daily or weekly basis, but I'm glad I have the opportunity to post when I want. I love sharing ideas and reading others as well. I come here to post information about Dolldine Designs, new finds, any kind of inspiration and creative things I'm doing or just see. I wonder if anyone's even reading? hahaha... I know my mom is, so "hi Mom!" and to my 3 current subscribers.... here's to you! LOL If you want to follow along on my continuing journey, follow me and subscribe to the right! You can also say hi and leave a comment! I can't wait for the next 100 posts and for ya'll to join me!

1 comment:

My Story said...

Yayyyy!!! Congratulations =) I am so proud of you and Dolldine Designs! Your talent and passion for what you do is so inspiring.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and talents with the world and me.

Love you!

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