Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sushi Dinner Inspiration

If you follow me on twitter, then you may have heard for Thanksgiving this year, we are changing things up. We're having our dinner with a completely different twist doing Japanese Asian Fusion instead of the traditional turkey feast. Why? Well why not? Who doesn't love sake and sushi? We do! And because it's my birthday today, it's another reason to celebrate!

sushi desserts, paper lantern, pork shau mai recipe,
chopsticks and saucer, take out box, table display

Let's remember the real meaning of Thanksgiving and that is to express thankfulness, gratitude and appreciation to your family and friends not only on this day, but everyday. It's not about the food you eat or the type you prepare. It's about the traditions you share with your loved ones and the relationships you build with people in your life being thankful for what you are given. Not only the material possessions, but being thankful for life! Let us give thanks and show our appreciation today and every day! I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving Day holiday!


Aleah + Nick Valley said...

How fun! Happy Birthday and Happy Thanksgiving!

Dolldine Designs said...

Thank you so much, Aleah and Nick! Have a great thanksgiving holiday as well!

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