Monday, December 22, 2008

Hello, Cupcake!

I received an early Christmas gift and I can't take my hands off it. (Thanks a bunch Debra!) I've been wanting it for the longest time and I finally have a Hello, Cupcake book! It has plenty of inspiration and tons of cute little cupcakes. I fell in love with this book after seeing it on Bakerella, who made the cutest pink pandas and who also inspires me in the kitchen! So as the New Year approaches, I have a goal.... and it's to create some of these wonderful little cupcakes at least once a month!

I told my lovely and of course, I shared with him my interest in having the same sprinkles cabinet pictured in the book... Isn't is beautiful? Well, after doing some research this morning, I found out this beautiful sprinkles cabinet belongs to Karen Tack, one of the brilliant authors herself. Nearly 8 feet tall and 5 feet wide, this is a bakers dream!

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