Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Q&A: Save the Date

I always get asked the etiquette on sending save the dates and here are some answers to your questions:

Do we have to send save the dates? I always like to tell brides and grooms its essentially a great idea to send them out because it gives your guests a "heads up" on your upcoming wedding. Of course, some couples choose not to send them and that's fine as well. I think it's becoming more popular with destination weddings since guests have to make travel arrangements and if you plan to have your wedding near or during a holiday, it helps your guests plan around their busy schedules.

When do we send them? A good rule of thumb is six months prior to your ceremony and eight months for destination weddings. This gives your guests plenty of time to 1. decide if they can attend 2. make travel arrangements if necessary and lastly 3. save a little cash.

What information is needed? I like to keep this simple. Why? Because detailed information should be left for the invitation. It should include the bride and grooms names, your wedding date, your wedding location and if you have a wedding website, the wedding link.

Who do we send them to? Everyone you want to come to the wedding including people you already received confirmation from. This includes your parents, bridal party, etc. And remember, send only to the people you know you want to be there. Once you send it, you're obligated to send them an invitation.

Dolldine Designs can create save the dates to match your invitation suite and they come in many different forms- magnet, mini calendar, postcard, coasters, photo, etc. If it's not within your budget, be creative and try creating your own.

Here is one of my favorite save the dates. The patterned print is velvet and I just love their wedding date... too cute!

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