Thursday, November 11, 2010

Destination: Hawaii

Fall is in full swing so I though I would change things up and do a destination post. Why? Because I just love summer so much, I can't wait for it to come back! A favorite destination spot of mine is Hawaii. Without a doubt I would even call this my second home! Everything about the islands makes me feel complete... the people, the food, the weather, the culture, the vibe... everything! This past summer, we visited to attend one of the biggest concerts, KCCN's Birthday Bash 20, which happens only once a year and it was AMAZING! Beyond words, I can't even explain it... and below are just some highlights from a great vacation!

The above is one of our favorite spots in Oahu. A great place where we had a picnic and kayaked! Located at Lanikai beach it's so peaceful and the sand.... what more can I say about it.... it's GORGEOUS!
And wouldn't it be just great to get married here? (hint, hint ;) LOL) The Paul Mitchell Estate is immaculate and the view is spectacular! Of course you need to hire the fabulous Yvonne Design and Visionari who deserves full credit!

Diamond Head Crater is a must see. Even if the humidity is painful, the view from the top is pure BEAUTY! This view of Diamond Head is from Waikiki Beach....

And this is the view from Diamond Head of Waikiki Beach!

Head towards the North Shore to Haleiwa and you'll discover the shrimp trucks.

Now with 2 locations in the North Shore, Giovanni's is a must! This picture just makes my mouth water! Look at that shrimp scampi!

And of course no visit to Oahu would be the same without paying our respect to Duke!

A day at Hanauma Bay and you got one dark back! :)

The blow hole. Look to the left side...

and it's Sandy Beach.

This is at Birthday Bash. Check out all those people!

And each day wouldn't be complete without my favorite beer!

Until next time we meet again, Oahu!

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