Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Please HELP: For Japan With Love

We have all seen the devastation that has occurred in Japan and my heart breaks every time I see footage. They are hungry, thirsty, cold, need shelter, lost loved ones and need our help! It's so hard to imagine what they are going through, but Japan needs us! Please contribute what you can and donate here.

Join us for a day of silence on Friday, March 18th For Japan With Love. We're doing our part to pay respect and reflect on this tragedy and we hope you do too!

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Mlle Paradis said...

I think everyone's heart is in the right place with this. I'd like to ask bloggers who are not posting however, (and blogreaders!) to use their time contacting Representatives and the Japanese government in order to urge the Japanese government to permit food and supplies airdrops to Northeast Japan where people are now starving, a week after the earthquake. See a video interview with a Japan scholar on my site: that explains why.

Thanks if you can help!

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