Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Celebrating Valentine's Day

I can't believe January is done and Valentine's Day is just around the corner!  Wow... time flies fast  when you're having fun! In honor of the traditional hallmark holiday, my lovely and I celebrate very low key.  This is because although the pink stuff tickles my fancy, it's overrated! The expensive dinner, the crazy gifts and of course, the hectic and busy restaurants! Don't get me wrong... we did it our first couple years together, but after that we changed things up to something more simple. For the past several years we celebrate each other and our relationship.  
A great way to get into the spirit of this is to exchange mini cards of love. We did 14 reasons why I'm in love with you, exchanged them and read them to one another.  We have our version of a fancy dinner in our backyard complete with candles,our fireplace, wine (beer for lovely) and a 3 course menu we've never made before.        

For our place setting, I used a favorite dress of mine which had ripped and was put in the salvation pile, cut it up and used as our napkins.  
There are many other ways to celebrate which I discovered online and found as inspiration. Maybe we'll incorporate some or all of these one year.  I really loved this bingo set.  Although it would be fun to play bingo, we would need more than just the 2 of us!  

The idea of writing "52 things I love about you" would be very similar to the "14 reasons why I love you" we have already done, but how cute is this deck of cards? A very simple, but expressive way to show your love how much they mean to you.    

Breakfast in bed? SURE! How cute is this how to! A very simple, but festive way to say I love you and appreciate everything you do for me!    

Whatever you plan on doing, make it special and about who you are as a couple. Want to make some Valentine's Day sweet love cards too?  Feel free to download them here.  Have a Happy Valentine's day!   

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