Monday, January 10, 2011

Sweets and treats party

I know I'm a couple weeks behind in posting, but I figure this party can be good for other holidays too. Since "happy hearts day" is coming up next month, it can also work for a valentine's day party! Any reason to get together works for me!

I invited some of my gal friends to come over for a fun night of sweets and treats! After each guest received an invitation, we were all ready to party!

I created a place setting for each guest and used gable boxes as a dual purpose; a place card and after the party, they filled their boxes with sweets and treats to take home.

I wanted to create a centerpiece that hung ornaments so I took branches off a tree and spray painted them gold. I then put it in a vase with red tinsel, placed white poinsettias and taaadahhh!

This is the dessert area where each guest was asked to place their treats on the platter provided. It worked out well and by the end of the night, everything was gone!

Some of the desserts we had were my red velvet whoopie pies, chocolate smore's bar, peppermint brownie cupcake and chocolate toffee brittle! hmmmm... yummy!

And of course, we had to have some fruit sangria! The party was a blast and I can't wait to host another one!


Rosie said...

Love it Dolly!! Wish I lived near you so I can be invited to your parties. I would have enjoyed sharing some baked goods. :)

Dolldine Designs said...

Thanks Rosie! You're welcome at our home anytime! =)

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